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Media Purchases Manager, West Africa-PUR00000694


Media Purchases' Manager Job Description :
Overall responsibility:
·       The media Purchases'  manager is responsible for all media sourcing  done on behalf of the MDO, either through direct negotiations with media suppliers or via managing the agency which negotiates on behalf of P&G.
·       He/she will ensure the MDO sourcing strategy meets the MDO business needs as outlined by media operations.
·       He/she will be responsible for compliance to purchases' stewardship processes.
Key expectations:
1- Knowledge of the MDO business needs:
·        Ensure via close collaboration with media operations team a deep understanding of the MDO business need.
·        Ensure alignment of Media operations on local sourcing strategy
2- Sourcing of the MDO Media business needs (from media suppliers and media agencies):
·        He/she will develop/update the local -media sourcing strategy, linked to the global  media sourcing strategy   and leveraging other local MDOs'  -media sourcing strategies for similar markets.
·        He/she will lead the negotiations with media providers and agencies  either directly or with the support of the buying AOR
3. Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) strategies:
·        He/she will be responsible to develop SRM strategies for key local suppliers (where appropriate) and to leverage local SRM strategies for global/regional vendors (media suppliers and/or agencies). This includes: sourcing the media agencies, leading the annual evaluation process for media agencies.
4- Reporting:
·        He/she will be responsible for on going reporting of negotiation results to both media Purchases' management and local media operation team.
·        He/she will be responsible for quarterly reporting of media cost development and value creation (hard savings and cost avoidance) as well as updating the  cost savings' tracking systems (CSTS or other).
·        He/she will also share on quarterly basis information on development of local media market (evolution of investment; market cost, investments from our competitors, plus any relevant industry news). Note for the biggest countries (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Poland and AP in EMEA), the sourcing manager will also provide a brief update on a monthly basis.
5- Stewardship compliance:
·        He/she will ensure full compliance with purchases'  stewardship policies (as described in sourcing CSA), including writing business allocation recommendations for all deals above $100M, implementing contracts in due time with the right approvals, correct tracking of rebates, parked credits, …etc
·        Complete media sourcing CSA (due every year)
6- Collaboration with the regional media sourcing and Brand Building team:
·        He/she will contribute to the regional media sourcing team by attending regular calls and attending 2 face to face meetings per year in order to drive sharing and reapplication.
·        He/she will also participate in key BBP (brand Building Purchases) team events/calls.
·        Pending capacity, He/she is e expected to actively lead/contribute to the regional/global Media sourcing strategy action plans and projects, either in BBP or media related.
·        At an MDO level he/she will link to other BBP members to drive scale wherever appropriate. This should also enable a integrated BBP engagement with the local stakeholders (ie. Brand operations, marketing, General Manager…)


Minimum Qualification of a Bachelors' degree or equivalent with good academic results.
Fluent written and oral French is a MUST
Good Written and Oral English Skills
Proven Demonstration of Leadership and Analytical Skills.



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