BAT is recruiting (Material Planning Manager)

Reference Number:    OM/WAA/NIG/MPM/20-10-10
Job Title:    Material Planning Manager
Location:    Ibadan
Remuneration:    TBA
Reports to:    Supply Chain Planning Manager
Requisition Number:    1
Response Deadline:    5/11/2010
Principal Accountabilities:   

    * To ensure that WMS requirement/Supplies and Leaf necessary to meet approved stock durations and production for BAT WAA are achieved. Ensure that requisitions are processed for OTIF procurement of WMS. Effectively manage total pipeline inventory to keep the cash flow within budget. Maintain adequate relationship with import team, NPI coordinator, commercial and other stakeholders. Provide up to date management information on trends and events to enhance rapid decision making within WMS function.
        * To ensure that new products or material changes are effected with minimal write off and delivered OTIF. Develop an effective tracking of all planned changes or brand introductions. Maintain adequate relationship with WAA Commercial and other stakeholders to achieve perfect alignment on all planned changes. Provide up to date management information and reporting to enhance decision making and guide the right compromise.
      * Maintain continuous supply of WMS and Leaf to meet the production plan while maintaining inventory levels within target policies.
    * Continuously analyse data and generate accurate report of WMS supplies to BAT Nigeria from Suppliers. Continuously review business processes and identify opportunities for improvement in business efficiency and effectiveness.
    * Ensure SAP is set up to fully utilize benefits of MRP.
    * Put in place validation and verification procedures for all data input to MRP to ensure Planning of WMS are accurate.
    * Measure and track OTIF delivery of WMS
    * Proactively anticipate and manage potential risks and advise rescheduling of production if plan cannot be met due to WMS.
    * Maintain WMS write off register and coordinate all stakeholders to minimise write off, aggressively identifying innovative ways of utilising ‘slow moving materials’ as well as materials with zero usage.
    * Continuously track all planned changes and proactively engage all stakeholders to mange deviations and deliver OTIF with minimal losses and exceptional costs.
    * Proactively anticipate and manage potential risks due to planned changes
    * Participate in PDT and NPI project meetings as key supply chain representative.
    * Coordinate all stakeholders to articulate all dimensions of a planned change and put in sufficient plans and controls to deliver OTIF
    * Manage the supply of materials for trails in conjunction with QA ensuring all such materials pass through the required due diligence before commercial ordering commences.
    * To facilitate the wrapping materials bond clearing process through maximum use of the bonded warehouse to optimise the company’s cash flow while maintaining materials supply.
    * Management Results
    * Operate within cash flow plan by managing WMS inventories
    * Manage WMS exceptional cost and write off budget.
    * Ensure there are no control break down within the NPI or WMS planning function
    * Timely follow up on audit actions
    * Ensuring that WMS status, NPI updates, exceptional cost, write off and other relevant information required for SOP meetings are promptly prepared and reported accurately.
    * Operate within budget for all planned changes
    * Leadership Results
    * Develop and embed continuous improvement culture in SC
    * Ensure continuous improvement and development of the team through coaching, formal training, etc
    * Develop and agree effective IDP’s with the team and ensure same is implemented.
    * Relationship Results
    * Effective working relationships should be maintained with the following internal and external stakeholders
    * Support development and embedding Supply chain best practice, methodologies and processes
    * Create mechanism to capture innovative ideas and assess their potential.
    * Drive TSC Concept
Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

    * The jobholder should be a graduate with a bias in Science and at least 3yr experience gained in a supply chain planning manufacturing environment (Preferably FMCG Company).
    * Working SAP System Knowledge – MM, PP & SD Modules
    * Working Understanding of MRP/ERP principle.
    * Understanding of Factory constraints and complexities
    * Product Knowledge
    * Excellent analytical skills.
    * Flexibility and adaptability to change.
    * Ability to make informed decisions
    * Good communication and interpersonal skills
    * In depth understanding of inventory management principles
    * Good presentation skills
    * At least 3 years experience in a planning capacity

Key Outputs:

    * Availability of raw materials within the stipulated stock policy to support finished goods production.
    * Implement Above Market Planning in place without impact on the service Level.
    * Initiate and deliver cost savings through sustainable initiatives and focus on smart cost management and awareness to achieve benchmark levels.

Equity statement:
    BAT is an equal opportunities employer. All candidates will be assessed on merit
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