Maersk Latest Vacancy: Central Africa Cluster Manager – Inland Services APM Terminals

Posted: 3/2/2011 Expires: 3/16/2011 Ref: 56356
Central Africa Cluster Manager – Inland Services – APM Terminals, Lagos, Nigeria
Ø Responsible for all aspects of leadership, profitability, and governance for IS activities in the Central Africa Cluster
Ø Directs the activities for entity teams throughout the Central Africa Cluster to ensure continuous strive for operational excellence and profitability
Ø Ensures that policies and guidelines are developed in accordance with overall regional strategies and policies
Pro-actively identifies growth opportunities across the Cluster

(IPE Factors: Impact & Innovation)
Ø The incumbent is expected provide measurable input into the business strategy of the Central Africa Cluster .
Ø The position will be responsible for setting & delivering objectives which are within the strategy & business plans of the region
Ø The incumbent will be expected to be creative in proposing improvements (enhancements and modifications) to existing systems, practices and approaches and influence working methods to execute the instructions of the Regional Head
Ø The position is multi-dimensional, encompassing all three dimensions
Ø Holds accountability for all financial and non-financial targets for IS in the Central Africa Cluster
Ø Responsible for the management supervision of the entities in the Central Africa Cluster
Ø Evaluates the financial results of the Central Africa Cluster by regularly analyzing the P/L with the key leaders and taking measure to correct deviations, leverage opportunities, and ensures forecasted results are attained or surpassed
Ø Drives cost leadership principals as a mandatory practice throughout the Central Africa Cluster . Responsible for reporting and performing sufficient cost control
Ø Actively contributes to the development of the third party revenue and sales pipeline
Ø Responsible for ensuring that the Central Africa Cluster organization and infrastructure is at all times geared and prepared to handle future growth
Ø Discernable contribution to the resolution of regional IS issues and priorities
Ø Supports the region in evaluating divestment opportunities and strategic fit of existing entities within the country
Ø Responsible for the development of a five year plan for the country encompassing:
o People Development
o Safety
o Product enhancement (projects & new ventures)
Ø May act as commercial representative before ML and other (key) customers
Ø Represents IS internally and externally through participation in meetings with port authorities, customs, shipping agent associations, etc as required
Ø Maintains relationships with other APM companies and parties to assess current situation and identify ways to increase business opportunities
Ø Measures and communicates results to the organization (periodically)
May be board member of the local companies

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