Our client, a long establish and leading diversified business conglomerate in Nigeria, with interest across many sectors through partnerships with renowned international organizations, is seeking to recruit seven qualified professionals to fill the following positions within the group and some operating companies


RESPONSIBILITIES • Reporting to the Group Managing Director (GMD), this role is accountable for creating, managing and enhancing the group’s administrative functions at the strategic level by developing strategies, policies and infrastructure for group integration and synergy, with oversight responsibilities spanning human resources, facilities management and general administration across the group.
 • Develop group administrative strategic direction, implement budgets and business 100gets at both group and operating companies’ level.
 • Create shared services infrastructure to foster group integration, cost reduction, standardization and institutionalization.
 • Budgeting, monitoring and control of administrative services casts.
 • Implement best-fit practices, driven by technology, in the human resources, facilities management and administrative functions across the Group.
 • Implement robust, scalable and customizable group policies and procedures supported by active monitoring and compliance management systems for sustainability across the group.
 • Coordinate and facilitate the group’s development efforts by assisting operating companies with the development of new HR and administrative programmes and organizational structures.
 • Recruit managerial and executive level staff across the group in line with strategic plans, Qualifications and

 • Masters degree will be an advantage.
 • Professional qualification/membership or C1PM, C1PD, NIM or other recognized body.

 • Minimum of 18 years experience, of which at least 8 years is at executive management level within a manufacturing and/or FMCG work environment.
 • Working knowledge of organizational planning, staffing, training, policy development, budgeting and Management and Board reporting.
 • Prior experience as on executive or administrative director within a group structure.
 • Working knowledge of enterprise development.
 • Experience in FMCG and/or manufacturing sector would be on advantage.


 • Reporting to the Group Managing Director, this role provides strategic leadership for a commercial, industrial and luxury real estate investment and development Company, with overall responsibility for delivering the business and financial targets as approved by the Board. The Managing Director is also accountable for developing institutional structures and practices for the enhancement of the corporate brand whilst creating new products and cultivating new customers.
 • Articulate a compelling medium to long term strategy geared towards harnessing opportunities within the market, revolutionizing the industry and achieving agreed ROI for shareholders.
 • Evolve sound management and business reporting practices that support decision making whilst enhancing the agility of the company in the competitive business environment.
 • Manage relationships with key stakeholders.
 • Manage the developmental needs of the direct reports while driving the attainment of business targets.
 • Drive the development and implementation of business policies and procedures
 • Inculcate a culture of planning and proactive maintenance within the organization and strict compliance with budgetary provisions.
 • Review the company’s competitive environment and ensure appropriate measures are taken to increase market shore and awareness.
 • Plan and direct the organization’s activities to achieve slated/agreed targets and standards for financial and operating performance.
 • Monitor and manage adherence to regulatory standards and requirements.

 • A first degree in estate management and a related social science discipline from a reputable university.
 • Masters degree will be an advantage.
 • Minimum of 15 years experience, of which at least 5 years at executive management level.
 • Experience in the real estate industry will be of added advantage.
 • Strong entrepreneurial, managerial and business management skill is required.
 • Pedigree in achieving business and financial targets.


 • Reporting to the Managing Director of the operating company, this role is responsible for planning, directing and controlling the day to day financial functions of the business in order TO facilitate strategic and operational decision making, and to ensure compliance with accounting standards and statutory reporting requirements.
 • Oversee the smooth and efficient running of the Finance Department.
 • Maintain integrity of the company’s accounting system (software), ensuring il remains effective and operational at all times.
 • Drive and administer the financial planning, budgeting, monitoring and reporting activities to enable timely decision making.
 • Oversee the preparation and management of the capitol and operating planning requirements to ensure effective performance, treasury and financial management.
 • Oversee the preparation of all financial and statutory reports for the company.

 • A first degree from a reputable university.
 • Masters degree will be on advantage.
 • Professional accounting qualification and membership of a recognized professional body.
 • Minimum of ten 10 years post qualification experience with at least 5 years accounting and finance experience at management level.
 • Working knowledge of the following is required: financial accounting. Compliance reporting, budgetary control, management accounting, and treasury management.
 • Strong interpersonal skills and effective communication, both oral and written.
 • Extensive knowledge of generally accepted accounting standards and regulatory requirements applicable in the manufacturing sector with working knowledge of IFRS.


 • Reporting to the Managing Director of the operating company, this role is responsible for human resources, procurement, and maintenance of company assets, and other administrative functions.
 • Develop functional policies/plans geared towards attrociing and retaining employees of the required skills and competencies, and encourage employees to make optimal contributions to the achievement of the company’s business objectives.
 • Identify and implement learning ond development needs for staff and ensure that each individual’s plan is clearly defined and implemented.
 • Administrative matters including staff records, staff welfare and discipline, maintenance of all company’s property and equipment, supply and control of stationary and utilities.
 • Expatriate management and succession Planning.
 • Manage business support functions.

 • Master’s degree will be on advantage.
 • Professional qualification/membership of C1PM, C1PD, or other recognized bodies.
 • Minimum of 10 years experience, of which 5 years is at managerial level.
 • Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with government officials, private industry


 • Reporting to the Group Administrative Director, the Chief Security Officer is responsible for the development, implementation and management of the corporate security processes across the group and the various security and safety functions pertaining to all persons and properties within the group.
 • Responsible for the security of the group’s personnel and physical assets, including asset protection, workplace violence prevention, access control systems.
 • Manage the development and implementation of the group’s security policies, standards, guidelines and procedures to ensure ongoing maintenance of security.
 • Work with other executives to prioritize security initiatives and spending based on appropriate risk management.
 • Liaise with appropriate security agencies and regulatory authorities.
 • Oversee a network of security officers and vendors who safeguard the company’s osse’ls, intellectual property and computer systems, as well As the physical safety of employees and visitors.
 • Oversee incident response planning as well as the investigation of safety and security breaches, and assist with disciplinary and legal matters associated with such breaches.

 A first degree or equivalent qualification is required.
 • Membership of a recognized security association is mandatory:
 • Adequate knowledge of security issues in a forge organization or government agency. Good knowledge of crime prevention, investigation, detection, and prosecution.
 • Minimum of 10 years hands-on experience in the FMCG and or manufacturing industry with at least 5 years experience at management level.
 • Experience with the military or other’ Para-military services.
 • Must have good relationship with Nigerian police, Para-military organizations, and other security operatives.
 • Must be on intelligent, physically fit, articulate and persuasive leader who con serve as an effective member of the management team and who is able to communicate security-related concepts

REF A001 – EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT to the Chairman

 • Reporting to the Chairman of the Group, this role provides executive support to the Chairman of the Group and executive directors.
 • Managing the administrative functions of the Chairman’s office.
 • Planning, organizing and managing the Chairman’s events and meetings.
 • Attending high level meetings on behalf of/with the Chairman and reporting thereon.
 • Attending to the Chairman s visitors, calls and other correspondence.
 Liaising with the public and staff on behalf of the Chairman.
 • Reviewing confidential emails and correspondence with utmost discretion.
 • Overseeing members of staff in the Chairman’s unit.
 • Keeping records of all contacts on behalf of the Chairman.

 • A first degree in a related field from a reputable institution.
 • A Masters degree is would be on advantage.
 • Excellent human relations and interpersonal skills.
 • Professional qualification/membership of a recognized body.
 • Ability ta perform with precision and confidence to work under pressure.
 • Excellent planning and organizational abilities.
 • Ability to communicate effectively with all levels of management and staff.

 Qualified applicants should visit to apply and upload resumes within 2 weeks of this publication. Note: Only short listed candidates will be contacted. Kindly ensure that your e-mail addresses and telephone numbers are active and valid.

DEADLINE: April 10, 2012.


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