Internship Massive Federal Government Recruitment: Graduate Internship Scheme (Nationwide)

The Project Implementation Unit (PIU) is located in the Federal Ministry of Finance(FMF) and it has been established to have the overall responsibility for the day-to-day project management of the Public Works, Youth and Women Employment (PW/WYE) Component of the SURE – P which the GIS falls under.
The current unemployment statistics in Nigeria, put at about 19.7% (National Bureau for Statistics, World Bank 2009) is on a high side and unacceptable to the Federal Government. This figure varies between professions, geo-political zones, States and age brackets with as high as 41.6% reported for youth in the 18 to 24 years age bracket (National Bureau for Statistics, World Bank 2009).

State Rate State Rate State Rate
Abia 14.5 Ekiti 20.6 Nasarawa 10.1
Adamawa 29.4 Enugu 14.9 Niger 11.9
AkwaIbom 34.1 Gombe 32.1 Ogun 8.5
Anambra 16.8 Imo 20.8 Ondo 14.9
Bauchi 37.2 Jigawa 26.5 Osun 12.6
Bayelsa 38.4 Kaduna 11.6 Oyo 14.9
Benue 8.5 Kano 27.6 Plateau 7.1
Borno 27.7 Katsina 37.3 Rivers 27.9
Cross River 14.3 Kebbi 12.0 Sokoto 22.4
Delta 18.4 Kogi 19.0 Taraba 26.8
Ebonyi 12.0 Kwara 11.0 Yobe 27.3
Edo 12.2 Lagos 19.5 Zamfara 13.3

The average rate of unemployment worldwide is 14.2% while Nigeria’s rate of unemployment is 19.7%. The country as a whole is above the world average and some States are actually above the National average. According to the table above, fifteen (15) Statesfall within that category.

The Graduate Internship Scheme (GIS) will employ 50,000 youth across the country to ensure that their skills have been developed towards empowering them to be employable in the short/medium/long term. GIS will ensure that youths are attached as apprentices in reputable public/private firms for a period of one year where the skills of such individuals will be sharpened.

In view of the above, the Graduate Internship Scheme (GIS) is established as part of the Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme (SURE – P) and it will employ 50,000 youth across the country to ensure that their skills have been developed towards empowering them to be employable in the short/medium/long term. GIS will ensure that youths are attached as apprentices in reputable public/private firms for a period of one year where the skills of such individuals will be sharpened as well as boosttheir chances of becoming self employed. While the GIS is designed as a short-term measure, it has high prospects for job creation. The specific objectives of the program are:

To enhance the employability of up to 50,000 unemployed graduates in the 36 states of the Federation and the FCT through internship programs in pre-selected institutions; and
To reduce the vulnerability of unemployed graduates.
To build manpower base towards attaining national development operations.
During this period the Federal Government of Nigeria will be responsible for paying a monthly stipend to the graduate interns. The participating institution will be expected to provide adequate opportunities for training and mentoring the interns.

This website will be the central platform for public access to updates on the GIS and the registration process. Prospective firms can register for consideration as an employer. Once the PIU completes their due diligence on the firm, ensuring that they meet the eligibility criteria, then the firm will be officially approved as an employer of the GIS. Through the website, the firm will be able to post internship vacancies and get further information and guidance. It is anticipated that vacancies will continue to be posted by approved firms indefinitely.

Benefits to interns:

Provide interns with skills and information required to enter into work.
Youth empowered to prepare to work for themselves or create jobs for others.
Acquiring skill will protect youth from demand and supply shocks.
Opportunity to sharpen their skills and enhance employability.
Opportunity to build new networks and professional contacts.
Benefits to Firms/Organizations:

Build human capital prepared for current and future labour demand.
Be part of building manpower base for natural development and enhance our attainment of Vision 20:2020.
Opportunity to recruit talented interns after graduation from the GIS.
Expected Outcomes of the GIS:

Increased skills of youth
Increased number of interns employed or engaged in self-employment.
Increased Small and Medium Enterprises.
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GIS Rules and Regulations
Graduate Registration
To register as a graduate for this scheme you MUST:
Be a citizen of Nigeria (must provide a valid ID)
Be between ages 18 – 40 years (must provide birth certificate)
Have completed the mandatory NYSC or exempted.
Be holder of a degree equivalent (e.g. BSc, BEng, BA, HND etc.) certificate or higher qualification.
Have a recent passport type photo ready to be uploaded during online registration. Please note size of image must not exceed 99kb.
Complete the online registration form.
Make available ALL original documents for sighting at point of selection.
Employer Registration
To register as an employer for this scheme you MUST:
Be registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and other relevant professional bodies.
Provide evidence of VAT Registration and the latest Tax Clearance Certificate.
Prove that they are economically viable and engaged in legitimate business by providing other relevant documents e.g. Company Profile, Audited Accounts etc. This information will be used to examine the firm’s progression since its inception.
Be prepared to provide a mentoring plan for each intern.
Be prepared with specific assignments for interns.
Be able to employ interns for a period of one (1) year.
Note: Companies with outstanding tax issues or where the owners or directors have convictions for Fraud will not be eligible to register for the programme.

Internship Position Posting
Intern Positions posted must:
Be legitimate positions available on the stated timescale.
Be suitable work for a Graduate.
Not require the Graduate to undertake work that is illegal or unsafe.
Meet standard safety regulations/facilities.
Be able to provide at least 12 months of skills development.
Be able to provide a mentoring plan to guide skills development.
Applying for Work
When applying for positions as a Graduate you must:
Be available to work at the chosen business and location.
Be willing to undertake a full 12 month placement; and
Be prepared to comply with the employers’ safety and employment practices.
Payment of Interns
Payment of Intern will be undertaken directly by the PW/WYE PIU to the Graduate Intern.
Neither the Graduate nor the Employer are required to pay any fee for using the Graduate Intern Scheme service, and no fees, charges or commissions are to be paid to any party in relation to this scheme by the Graduate or the Employer.

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