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We are recruiting to fill the below position:

 JOB ID: 685
 LOCATION: Abuja Federal Capital Territory,Nigeria


 1.) Clerical and Administrative Support
 In charge of the switchboard.
 Assume receptionist duties, greet and assist visitors (partners and suppliers) in collaboration with the Security Post and refer them to appropriate staff members, direct calls, take messages and respond to enquiries.
 Receipt, sorting, registration and distribution of incoming and organising and sending outgoing mails and parcels
 Prepare weekly outgoing transmission notes and attachments for mails distributed by diplomatic pouch and liaise with the Embassy of France
 Bookkeeping incoming and outgoing mail of the office

2.) Provide Management & Accounting support (in pair with the Senior Administrative Manager Handling of the petty cash :
 Administer and manage the petty cash for weekly inspection anc control by the management
 Assures supply of petty cash in pair with the Senior Administrative Manager/accountant
 Enters, updates and retrieves accounting data from the AFD automated accounting system, GLA
 Supports the Senior Administrative Manager / accountant to monitor inventory using the office’s automated accounting systems such as FRP and PEGAS
 Perform the duties and responsibilities of the Senior Administrative / accounting Manager during leave and training periods
 Ordering and maintaining stationery and equipment supplies 
3.) Provide Logistical Support & Supervision (in collaboration with the Deputy Director)
 Organise meetings in the office :
 Greet and assist participants in coordination with the Security Post
 Preparation of the meeting room and providing receptionist services (Air conditioning, drinks and snacks etc.) ;
 Logistical and Maintenance supervision :
 Daily supervision of the office cleaning including the office premises and oversee the municipal waste disposal authorities
 See to the maintenance and upkeep of the office building and of equipment (In association with the Senior Administrative Manager, and suppliers) ;
 Interact with various suppliers to ensure repairs to utility facilities within the office premises (Water, maintenance equipment, etc)
 Country Director’s Villa :
 Responsible for the upkeep of the water meter and power supply in association with the Country Director and the Senior Administration Manager ;
 Maintain appropriate interpersonal relationships with the waste disposal authorities (A.E.P.B.);
 Oversee to the power supply. If necessary, coordinate repairs and maintenance work
 Coordination of mobility in the office :
 Responsible for the weekly timetable for the drivers and for the coordination of the official vehicles in town and for Airport pick-ups and drop-offs.
 Ensure that a Mopol is assigned in need (especially for trips to and from the Airport)
 Logistic weal supervision (power etc)
 Tracking of the consumption and maintenance (Every 200 hours) of the two generators of the office and the coordination of the diesel supply
 Oversee the electricity consumption of the office and ensure purchase of recharge of the meter
 Liaising with the supplier to coordinate repairs to the office printers
 Property Management.
 The Deputy Director’s apartment :
 Interact with the landlord, SITECSA ;
 Processing quarterly bills and ensuring the recharge of the electricity meter in association with the Senior Administration Manager.

4.) Operational support and follow-up in association with the Country director and the Deputy Country Director
 Type correspondence, reports and other documents
 Managing daily schedules and making appointments ;
 Filing and archiving project files according to the display in AFD’s Manual of Administrative Procedures (MPA) ; ,Nigeria

 Must have a 1st Degree
 Must be able to communicate in French.


DUE DATE: 9th February, 2013.


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