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Etisalat Nigeria commenced commercial operations on 23 October 2008 with a promise to deliver innovative and quality services in Nigeria, Since then, Nigeria has continued to witness its innovative services.

Etisalat redefined speed with the roll-out of the unique 3.75G HSPA+ network and It has continued to prove itself an innovative company keen to give its subscribers the best possible experience at the most affordable price.

Its innovation has led to the growth of its active subscriber base to over 12 million. Today, Etisalat has network coverage in all 36 states of the federation including Abuja, the federal capital territory as it continues to build its network and expand to new locations.

In March 2009, the NCC adjudged Etisalat as Nigeria’s best network based on quality of service indices measured by the regulatory body; in 2011 after a similar assessment, Etisalat’s network was once again rated best. To date, Etisalat Nigeria has won several industry awards for its innovation and quality service delivery. Some of these include: Brand of the Year, Fast Growing GSM Company of the Year, Best Marketing Company, Most Innovative Corporate Social Responsibility Company, Friendliest Tariff Mobile Operator and Best Telecoms Customer Service among others.

Etisalat's vision is a world where people's reach is not limited by matter or distance; a world where people will effortlessly stay in touch with family and friends; a world where businesses of all sizes can reach new markets without the limitations of distance and travel.      

Manager - Quality Management

Job Summary
Drive conformance to business processes through the use of best in class framework for process reviews, prioritizing inputs from risk assessmentreports, audits and other business reports thereby ensuring efficiency in the delivery of objectives

Principal Functions  

Design programs / workshops to communicate the quality management system and culture to both internal and external customers.
Develop the process review calendar and coordinate its systematic delivery
Design and facilitate the implementation of process KPI management framework for the purpose of minimizing gaps that could cause control risks
Measure, analyse and report on strategic process performance based on documented KPIs thus revealing trends for thepurpose of implementing corrective actions
Collaborate with stakeholders in proactively identifying process risks and proffer solutions in alignment with industry best practices.
Design and recommend programs for the continuous development of quality teams to enhance productivity.
Facilitate the communication of identifiedprocess strengths & weaknesses to stakeholders with recommended processimprovements.
Facilitate the implementation of improvementinitiatives with periodic status report.
Facilitate the systematic identification and mitigation of process bottlenecks to realise process efficiency
Support the identification of operational challenges and coordinate quality teams in the delivery of operational excellence.
Establish and maintain the quality management system to promote the organization's competitive edge.
Stakeholder engagement in the identificationand documentation of realistic process controls      
Educational Requirements

First degree in a relevant discipline from a recognized university.
Experience, Skills & Competencies      

Six (6) to Eight (8) years workexperience, with three(3) in a supervisory role
Process Design and Analysis
Project Planning and Control
Data Gathering and Analysis
Problem Solving
Passion for Excellence
Empowering people
Growing people
Team work
Customer Focus
Senior Engineer, Fixed Transmission & IP (DWDM)

Job Summary      

Provide necessary support towards proper integration of new backbone, access and leased transmission links including copper, microwave and OFC media.
Support IP/ MPLS Backbone Network, Technologies such as SDH, MPLSCore, MP-BGP, VPNs, VPLS, L3VPN, ATOM, Metro, MPLS, Fast Rerouting, VRRP, BFDetc
Principal Functions  

Provide high level technical support for the regional field support engineers in resolving transmission faults and minimizing down time.
Proffer solution to repetitive transmission network faults affecting network quality and availability; Liaise with the regional field support engineers to resolve prolonged and repetitive transmission faults.
Ensure all work orders and change requests are implemented according to applicable processes.
Responsible for the timely escalation of all inter-MSC, MSC-BSC, BSC-BSC and interconnect transmission faults; follow up with vendors and third party service providers to ensure faults are resolved within defined SLAs.
Review all changes to network configuration for technical accuracy and impact, and provide multi-protocol network problem resolutions.
Ensure transmission work undertaken by vendors/service providers meet EMTS specifications.
Manage bandwidth on the Microwave/fiber backbone and other transmission media for optimal performance
Administer accurate data within the transmission database; i.e. accurate tracking of RFQs and orders placed with vendors/service providers, and coordinate the acceptance testing of all delivered nodes.
Maintain comprehensive sets of records for the transmission network.
Maintain the integrity of configuration database and record systems and ensure network security integrity documentations are updated regularly.
Responsible for end to end IP integrations for new Transmission equipment, Core switching equipment, VAS nodes, Media gateway, and GGSN /SGSN gateways nodes and interconnect nodes into IP network
Monitor and ensure vendors' adherence to contractual SLAs (vendor management).
Conduct routine performance checks on the transmission network via the NMS systems to ensure the desired quality of service and customer experience.
Ensure that approved transmission optimization tasks are executed according to schedule and with minimal distortion to service
Operate and maintain MUXes and ADMs in a multi-vendor environment  including Huawei, Alcatel, Nokia-Siemens, Nera (SDH, DWDM, OTN, OADM and IP)
Consistently refine operating processes, systems and platforms to facilitate continuous improvement and ensure network operations meet operational delivery requirements
Manage inter-functional relations to ensure synergy across the various departmental functions
Perform any other duties as assigned by the line Manager, Fixed Transmission HLS.
Educational Requirements

First degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering or a related light current field
Experience,Skills & Competencies    

Three (3)to Five (5) years post NYSC relevant work experience.
Sound understanding of DWDM and othertransmission technologies.
Good understanding of IP/MPLS and evolutiontowards an IP/NGN based technology.
Clear understanding of the following protocols:MP-BGP, VPNs, VPLS, L3VPN, ATOM, Metro, Fast  Rerouting, VRRP, BFD OSPF, IS-IS, BGP ,MP-BGP QOS, NAT, IP routing and switching.
Excellent working knowledge of Cisco,Juniper, Huawei and Alcatel routers and switches.
Cisco CCNP certification or equivalent inother DATACOM vendors listed above.
Good understanding of mobiletelecommunication network
Advanced working skills on Microsoft officesuite.
Excellent presentation skills.
Service ContinuityManagement, Monitoring and Control
Telecommunications& Mobile Network Standards & Specifications
Problem Solving
Passion forExcellence
Empowering people
Growing people
Team work
Customer Focus

Specialist.Treasury Operations

Job Summary          

Captureall payments and receivables on Oracle ERP and TABS and ensure compliance of the company treasury activities with the company policy and in line with local constraints.
Principal Functions      

Develop Treasury Operations processes and procedures

Develop and prepare various treasury reports to aid critical decision making

Ensure all lodgments reflected on banks statement are captured on accounting systems (TABs, ERP etc)

Verify charges and commissions/interest posted by the banks

Ensure all payments effected through the banks are captured on the Accounting system (ERP)

Capture all Fund management journals on ERP

Ensure posting of all the company's interest income duly verified by the Treasury Specialist Funds Management before absorption into the Account System (TABs, ERP etc)

Complete special projects as required toensure continuous improvement of all cash management processes and theoperation of the Treasury.

Carryout assignedtasks as advised by the Manager, Operations and fund management
Educational Requirements      

First degree in a relevant discipline from a recognized university.
Membership of Professional association (CIMA, CFA, ACCA, ICAN, etc).      
Experience, Skills & Competencies      

Three (3) to Five (5) years work experience.
Cash Management
Financial Accounting/Reporting
Passion forExcellence
Empowering people
Growing people
Team work
Customer Focus

Specialist - Government Relations

Job Summary      
Assist in executing the work programs and plans of the Government Relations unit.
Principal Functions

Liaise with relevant government agencies and ensure the timely submission of Etisalat's requests for approvals, permits etc.
Follow up with relevant government agencies on approvals, permits etc.
Liaise with Finance to ensure timely payment of all government statutory returns.
Develop and maintain an accurate database of all regulations/regulatory requirements that affect Etisalat's operations.
Liaise with relevant teams/business units in carrying out all assigned tasks.
Assist in preparing first drafts of correspondence and position papers on government related issues.
Research policies, laws, regulations and data relevant to Etisalat's needs.
Attend departmental meetings as required.
Prepare/compile agreed periodic activity and performance reports for the attention of the Manager,Government Relations.
Perform any other duties as assigned by the Manager, Government Relations.      
Educational Requirements  

First degree or its equivalent in a relevant discipline.    
Experience,Skills & Competencies      

Three (3) to five (5) years relevant work experience.

Head - Network Operations Centre

Job Summary      

Coordinate the implementation of an effective framework for the operation and maintenance of the Base Station Subsystem, provide support functions on access network and effective management of all monitoring tools
Provide leadership and direction for the Network Operations Centre unit.
Principal Functions

Assist the Director, Network Operations in communicating the division's strategic direction and objectives to all staff.
Assist in the definition of the division's plans, policies, projects and service levels.
Plan and ensure implementation of established internal processes using best practice standards to ensure a stable and highly available systems platform for an optimal operating environment.
Keep abreast of global and local best practice as it relates to the team function's activities.
Continuously review the unit/ team's activities, make recommendations for improvement and implement approved improvement initiatives to ensure enhanced performance of the team.
Identify required resources, personnel and funding to achieve the unit/ function's strategy.
Establish and maintain relationship with key internal and external stakeholders.
Manage and support network access and network performance management systems including all monitoring tools.
Oversee the integration, management and administration of Base Station Subsystem (BSS) and access network platform infrastructure (UNIX-Solaris and application level) and other related equipment.
Ensures processes and procedures (e.g.Escalation/reporting, updates, call answering/handling, and training) are in place to support scalable growth
Continually identifies areas for process,quality and efficiency improvement within the NOC, recommends prioritized enhancements with supporting details to Change Control Board and oversees implementation.
Manage and support admittance and access to Network Infrastructures locations especially MGW and BSC sites
Ensure regular update of network element database documentation, support and monitor a proactive maintenance cycle on all access network systems and infrastructure.
Delivers constant improvement in real-time identification and resolution of real-time problems; brings a deep attention to process, training and actions necessary to support outages time reduction and issue detection, response and recovery
Investigate and identify reasons for abnormal network conditions.
Take proactive steps to prevent network faults and failures.
Serve as unit's primary liaison with third-party vendors and initiate regular meetings to agree on service levels.
Manage vendor performance and ensure agreed SLAs are achieved.
Review recommendations of the internal audit function relating to BSS operations policies, standards, guidelines and operations and take action as required.
Implement the function's work programs and plans in line with agreed upon procedures and guidelines.
Plan and manage the human and material resources of the team/ function to optimise performance, morale and enhance productivity.
Manage inter-functional relations to ensure synergy across the various departmental functions.
Monitor and control the budgetary needs of the unit/function.
Develop and report on metrics for the performance of the NOC and individual NOC employees
Prepare/compile agreed periodic activity and performance reports for the attention of the Director, Network Operations.
Perform any other duties as assigned by the Director, Network Operations.
Educational Requirements  

First degree or equivalent in Electrical Engineering
Postgraduate/ professional qualification in a related field will be an added advantage.      
Experience,Skills & Competencies

Nine (9) to twelve (12) years Telecoms workexperience with at least three (3) years in a managerial role.

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